About language ability – to keep in mind when learning a your NOT native language

Language ability is divided into the following four skills in tests such as TOEIC.

4 common skills

ex. = for example for using each abilities

  • 1. Speaking
    conversational fluency, accuracy of pronunciation, appropriate vocabulary
    [Ex.] Debate / Presentation / Casual Conversation
  • 2. Listening
    Ability to hear – understand what is said and hear important information
    [Ex.] Casual Conversation / Watching movies and news / Watch lectures and webinars
  • 3. Writing
    Writing skills – understanding grammar, vocabulary, usage of expressions, and sentence structure
    [Ex.] Composing emails / writing essays and reports / writing a diary
  • 4. Reading
    Reading Comprehension – Understand the meaning of sentences and retrieve information
    [Ex.] Newspaper and magazine articles / EMail instructions and manuals / Billboards in town

However, when I thought mixed from my thoughts and AI, I concluded that the following is also necessary.

New skills

  • 5[New1]. Pronunciation
    Pronunciation ability – accurate production, rhythm, intonation
    [Ex.] Reading English poems / Using pronunciation practice apps / Pronunciation instruction video tutorials
  • 6[New2]. Syntax
    Syntax understanding – constructing sentences according to grammatical rules
    [Ex.] Grammar problem answers / English composition practice / English proofreading
  • 7[New3]. Vocabulary
    Vocabulary – Know the meaning of English words and phrases and understand them correctly
    [Ex.] Using vocabulary / Crossword puzzles and quizzes / Reading
  • 8[New4]. Grammar
    Understanding grammar – actively constructing sentences, passively understanding sentences and conversations
    [Ex.] Reading grammar books / Solving grammar exercises / Proofreading essays
  • 9[New5]. Cultural Context
    Understanding cultural context and nuances – communicating accurately
    [Ex.] Watch cultural movies / Watch local news and documentaries / Attend cultural events

With these things in place, you may be able to use the language for the first time.

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