English daily @2024/04

It’s been about three weeks since I decided to start learning English, but so far, I haven’t seen any results.

As a result, I aim to improve my speaking and listening skills so that I can keep at it for a long time but also conclude my English studies with this attempt.

First, I thought about how to approach learning English.

The concept is to focus on things I like, want to know more about, and can continue without feeling burdened.

  1. Watch TED Talks
  2. Create a self-introduction
  3. Find Japanese-operated YouTube channels (explained in Japanese) to learn grammar and usage
  4. Watch videos of foreigners traveling – Know everyday vocabulary

Starting with methodology might not be the best approach.

Therefore, I’ve also set some goals for myself in English.

  1. Be able to introduce myself in English
  2. Be able to debate or give presentations in English

*** This blog post was created in Japanese and translated into English by an AI teacher. If I had the English composition skills shown here, I wouldn’t need to study English.

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