List of countries/regions visited

I’ve taken foot on belows nations. It’s not only living but journey.

I have visited in 35 countries, 14% of the countries in the world.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of my journey, please try tracing it on Google Earth below.

Remarkable experiences and highlights

There are two places in my travel history.

The first is South Africa. This is the first country I visited on the African continent in 2015. South Africa has achieved remarkable economic development even in Africa, and its cities are better developed than I had imagined. But in some areas, danger is still at hand. Moreover, there was a deep history not far from the city. I was very interested in the coexistence of different races, values, and histories.

And a style of travel was established from South Africa. Since then, I have backpacked, traveled on a shoestring budget, and met and talked to many people.

The second is Iran. This is the first Middle Eastern country I visited in 2016. Although Iran was closer to the city than I expected, the people there were full of kindness. Everywhere I went, I was treated with kindness.

These two experiences created a strong interest in the Middle East and Africa.

Photos and videos

We made many memories in each country. I’m going to collect photos on this blog.

Travel skills and expertise

Multilingual ability

I have visited many different countries. I try to visit a wide range of countries, regardless of location or region.

As a result, there are different official languages. Asia has many unique languages, and I have experienced Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English from all over the world. Although it is basically possible to travel in English, I tried to learn each language and converse with the locals.

Understanding local culture

We strive to understand the local community. When dealing with people or getting to know a place, it can be difficult to respond if you don’t know about history, religion, tradition, etiquette, etc.

That’s why I try to get to know the country deeply even after I travel. I am learning more about the local area by increasing my experience there and reading books and watching videos on YouTube after returning home.

Multilingual navigation and map reading skills

The guidebook includes a simple map. Since I don’t carry my smartphone with me, the only way to find out where I am is to look at the map in my guidebook or the map I received locally. However, that’s basically enough. And I’m not afraid to walk where there’s no map. We trained them to see and understand dangerous places with their own eyes.

Budget management

Despite the weak yen and high prices, the budget is set low. I’m trying to make ends meet. And I’ll think about a lot of things during the trip. Where to stay, where to go, what to eat. By thinking and acting, you can get hints about the land and culture. You can also acquire skills that can be used in any country.

Multilingual emergency response ability

Fortunately, there are very few situations that require emergency response. However, I try to update my knowledge about emergencies and how to deal with them every day by listening to stories from different travelers and reading different books. This technology can be used in any country. Isn’t this a necessary skill to advance your career?

Negotiation skills

When we want to buy something, go on a ride, or eat something we want to eat, there are times when we ask requests that are not common in everyday life. In these cases, direct verbal communication is required. Your courage and verbal skills will be important.

Understanding of cuisine and local food culture

Learning how to prepare dishes using local ingredients and learning about the local food culture will also lead to a richer travel experience.

Personal travel philosophy and goals

My personal travel philosophy and goals are:

Personal travel philosophy

I would like to find a good friend and make an effort to learn more about the culture by relying on that person. It’s difficult to find someone you can trust, and if you’re a foreigner and a tourist, there’s a high possibility of cheating, which is scary. I want to break through that and learn things that only locals know.

Personal travel goals

I would like to go to a country that is not well known to many people.

Furthermore, there are already many countries that we are indebted to. I would be happy if I could give something back to that country. Maybe you need to start a business for that? I would like to continue exploring this area in the future.

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