Profile and introduction

professional background

I have been active in the wellness* and beauty industry for many years. Through my experience as a beauty advisor and lifestyle coach, I have supported the health and youthfulness of many people. In particular, my involvement in the development and marketing of natural skin care products has given me deep insight into the anti-aging field.

* Eight Dimensions of Wellness is…
01.Emotional Wellness
02.Occupational Wellness
03.Intellectual Wellness
04.Environmental Wellness
05.Financial Wellness
06.Physical Wellness
07.Social Wellness
08.Spiritual Wellness

Specialized field

Her specialty is holistic anti-aging and natural skin care. She pursues holistic health and beauty by focusing on both mind and body approaches, combining factors such as stress management, nutrition, and appropriate exercise.

Thoughts and philosophy on anti-aging

Our approach to anti-aging is to pursue healthy beauty in harmony with nature. We believe in real beauty that comes from natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle, rather than relying on chemicals. We believe it is important to provide care tailored to each individual’s lifestyle and constitution, and maintain a long-term balance in mind and body.

Achievements and projects

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Research and presentation

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Services and offerings

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Customer testimonials and case studies

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